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Scouting report: Sam Bennett & Roland McKeown - Guillaume Gervais
Sam Bennett is a 6’0”, 181 lbs forward. Bennett is a great skater, above-average speed with a good acceleration and good agility. He displayed some quick hands, doing some dekes at 1-on-1 situations on the rush. He plays a two-way, 200-foot game and uses the entire ice surface. He easily finds open space on the ice to give support to his teammates, goes below the red line to curl during breakouts. He has an elite hockey IQ, can do accurate passes even without  looking. Sam Bennett thinks the game like a pro already, often during the game he was looking up at the clock. His head is always moving, he’s knows where everyone is on the ice. He played on the PP, on the PK and on 4-on-4 situations. Interesting thing to note is that on every 4-on-4, Henri Ikonen was taking the faceoffs instead of Bennett but after that Bennett was the on playing the center position. During the game I only saw one mistake from Bennett where he lost the puck at his blue line but he was able the get the puck back right away. He was dominant offensively and defensively throughout the game. He has that ability to control the pace of the game with his strong hockey sense. He was the best player on the ice. Sam has a good shot but could work on his release, doesn’t shoot much, I’d like to see him shoot more, he hit the cross-bar once. Intelligent on the cycle, there’s one time where he simply let the puck slide behind him where his teammate was alone, because he (Bennett) was covered by an opposing player. He racked up 22 points (10 goals, 12 assists) in 14 games so far this season. He’s definitely a Top 10 pick and in my mind he is a Top 5 pick.
Roland McKeown is a 6’1”, 195 lbs defenseman. McKeown is smooth skater with above-average speed and great acceleration and agility. He is an excellent backward skater too with god pivots. He plays a two-way type of game and is really solid defensively already at only 17 years old. He has a great hockey IQ and knows when to support the offense. In 4-on-4 situation he was a threat and was all over the ice. He was rushing the puck a lot displaying good hands to deke a couple of opponent and gain the offensive zone easily. Like Bennett, his head is always moving, he aware of where everyone are on the ice. McKeown is really calm and pose, never panics, does the simple plays. He also has a good hard first pass on breakouts. I haven’t notice him being physical and it is something that I would like to see more from him. Although his lack of physicality in this game, he seemed to be good at angling opponents with a good stick and poking the puck away from them.  He was playing in every situation, on the PP, on the PK and during 4-on-4 situations. He was willing to sacrifice the body to either block a shot in his zone or to prevent the 67’s to clear their defensive zone on Kingston’s powerplays or at 4-on-4. This season he racked up 9 pts (2 goals, 7 assists) in 12 games with a +23 (!!!) rating. McKeown is definitely a Top 15 pick and in my mind he’s a Top 10 pick right now.12 games with a +23 (!!!) rating. McKeown is definitely a Top 15 pick and in my mind he’s a top draft pick. 
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